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Residencia 8888, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center
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Become A Merchant

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Laundry Near Me is an aggregator of laundry services. It helps connect customers to laundry shops available near their location.

If you wish to become our partner merchant, we guarantee FREE onboarding! NO sign-up charge, NO subscription fee, and ZERO cash out!

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LNM platform empowers laundry and dry-cleaning businesses to manage a large customer base without errors, gain operational efficiency, and provide oversight and control of financial inflows.

Through our Apps, we will remove many manual works so you can free up your time and your laundry attendant’s time and be able to focus on just doing the laundry and improving the quality of services offered.

Merchant Dashboard
You will have your own Dashboard to manage your online store, real time tracking of orders and sales, run promotions/discounts, and many more! Which you can access anytime and anywhere from multiple devices!
Mobile App for pickup/delivery
Your rider will have an access to our delivery management App, EZMOVE. Reduce time and save cost by auto-assigning the delivery tasks. You can onboard your FREELANCERS!
Increase Customer Reach
By default, we'll set your store for a 2km radius to service customers! You may opt to increase or decrease coverage. Wider coverage, more customers, more sales!
Marketing Support
Full marketing support in terms of promotions, social media ads, Google analytics, search engine optimization, and other marketing tactics to help you build brand recognition and for further business growth.
Process Automation
The App automates the whole process of your laundry business (e.g. booking, payment, pickup & delivery, order monitoring, sales oversight, etc.) and will help you run the business more efficiently even at scale.
Safe Service
Our App ensures customer's safety through minimal contact. Customers do not need to go outside and drop off/pick-up their laundry, hence, less interaction with the crowd.
Solid Backend Support
LNM’s back-end infrastructure provides everything you need to do business including order management & monitoring, pickup and delivery tracking, card processing, sales collection if needed, and customer/merchant support.
Deals & Promotions
You can run our store deals and discounts. Our customer Apps have proven to be quick and effective in engaging customer interest and communicating new services, promotional offers, and discounted rates.
Payment Methods
We offer multiple payment options such as CASH and in-App payment!